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Tourist Law

Tourism has historically been a continual and stable driving force in the Spanish economy, including during times of crisis. Its contribution to the Spanish economy exceeds 150 billion euros and it represents 16% of the Spanish GDP.

The significance of this sector means it needs qualified professionals that are familiar with it and the new ways of operating in this market. That way, they can provide comprehensive, high-quality legal services in this area.

Grupo Gispert has a team that is experienced in providing legal advice for tourism companies, hotels, tourist apartments, travel agencies, golf courses and theme parks, endorsed by its 15 years’ experience. This team means we can provide a global, comprehensive response.


  • Comprehensive consultancy, from design and execution of the investment until implementation and management of the business, for owners and managers of tourist establishments, tourist companies and tourist operators.
  • Obtaining tourist licences
  • Tour operation agreements
  • Package travel agreements
  • Allotment agreements
  • Hotel management agreements and business lease agreements
We provide full and high quality legal advice in this field.