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Intellectual Property

Companies and individuals aim to protect all kinds of rights derived from invention and human creativity. Technology has easily globalised knowledge, which means it has also globalised public access, copyrighted works, brands, designs, etc. Now, more than ever, these rights are exposed to unauthorized use. This has forced companies and individuals to reinforce protection of these intangible assets.

We work with every aspect of intangible assets derived from human research, inventiveness and creativity, in addition to professional and business initiatives. To do this, we combine our specialisation with numerous tools and every legal instrument available.

  • Rights over know-how and industrial secrecy: confidentiality, non-competition and unfair competition
  • Copyright and rights connected to artistic and scientific works
  • Rights over distinctive signs: trademarks, business names, collective names and marks, designation of origin and domain names
  • Rights over inventions: patents, industrial designs and utility models
  • Different ways of protecting aesthetic designs with industrial property rights: rights over registered and non-registered rights
  • Self-image rights, privacy, honour and pictures of assets, for individuals and businesses


  • Protection: design, strategy, registration and management of goods and portfolios of intangible assets comprising industrial and intellectual property and other intangible goods related to confidential information and know-how.
  • Exploitation: advice and contract negotiation, drafting and closing for projects involving creation, research, development, production, advertising, distribution and any kind of use, exploitation, licence or agency related to the immaterial assets.
  • Defence: design and execution of strategies, actions, claims, negotiations and procedures to protect the client’s assets and to defend a client in taking action regarding their intangible assets.


We advise upon the legal protection of the rights that arise from immaterial goods as a result of research, creativity and work