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For making business and investments from abroad in Germany or Spain, it is essential to know the corporate and legal particularities of these two important partners from the European Union. Their commercial relations are close and the business between both countries grows annually at a sustained rate.

It should be noted that over 11% of Spanish exports in Europe, are destined to German, hence the relevance of the Austrian and Swiss markets in our national territory.

On the other hand, the German products imports are equivalent to 14% of all import transactions that Spain makes within the European Union.

Our goal has always been to offer quality at competitive prices, with talent and commitment to work. Therefore, we have been inspired by the way companies are run in Central Europe and we want to make a differentiation by having a team of native German speakers, that have knowledge about the legislation, cultural habits and commercial uses in German-speaking countries, and of the dynamics that govern their relations with Spain.

Having this knowledge allows us to offer advice to German, Austrian and Swiss companies with interests in Spain. In the same way, our close collaboration with leading companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland guarantees us the provision of quality legal services to Spanish companies in their investments and commercial activity in these states.


The areas of expertise of our German desk are:

  • Direct and indirect foreign investment
  • International law and trade
  • Intelectual property
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Data protection
  • Unfair competition and advertising
  • Protection of competition /Antitrust
  • Distribution and franchise
  • Consumers and users
  • Conflict resolution/litigation


Head Partner

Sönke Lund / Abogado, Rechtsanwalt

Sönke Lund is a member of the bar associations and admitted to practice in Hamburg (Rechtsanwalt) and Barcelona (Abogado). With over 20 years of experience in advising international and national companies, Sönke Lund is the partner in Grupo Gispert responsible for competition, copyright, intellectual property and information technologies as well as international commercial law. He has been awarded five times by the renowned Chambers & Partners directory.