Abogados y Economistas

Competition/Antitrust Law

Significant business activity in a globalised context means that it is normal to see cooperation and competition between companies from different countries. Legislation has been focussed on controlling and sanctioning anti-competitive behaviour, to ensure consumer protection.

There is a complex network of EU, Spanish and regional laws, no to mention court precedents and landmark cases, that businesses must be aware of. This is the only way to identify and act upon practices that breach the rules of play in the market, an objective that is sometimes extremely difficult to achieve without due preparation and experience.

Applying competition law involves specialist administrative and judicial institutions. It also requires cooperation between different areas of law, including litigation, and professionals, such as lawyers and economists, to refine strategy design and identify the correct approach for each specific case or matter.

This makes it possible to work to prevent business malpractices, identify restrictive actions taken by competitors and even act in collaboration with legal entities in the event of sanctions.

  • Dominance: unfair competition linked to dominance
  • Defense in sanction proceedings
  • Damages resulting from infringement of competition law
  • Legal proceedings before the European Commission and European and national courts
  • Advice on collaboration agreements with competitors: purchase, production and joint marketing agreements
  • Advice on business practices, such as: imitation, non-disclosure agreements, information disclosure, incitement to breach of contract, illegal advertising, advertising defense and internet advertising