Grupo Gispert joins BPV Abogados

Anna Gratacós i Capella
Banking and finance law
Image Anna Gratacós i Capella


Anna joined Grupo Gispert in 2010 after being the head of the legal counsel department of the construction company Ramon García. Now she works for the department of Payment Procedures and Evictions of the firm.

Academic Background

  • 2003 - Course “Introductory Principles of Urbanistic Law”, organized by theAutonomous Universityof Barcelona and the Association of Real Estate Developers.
  • 1997-1998 - Seminar “Real Estate and Urbanistic Law”. ESADE LawSchool. 
  • 1997 - CourseofAdministrative Procedure. Barcelona Bar Association.
  • 1997 - Course of Real Estate Law. Barcelona Bar Association.
  • 1996 - CourseofUrbanistic Management. Barcelona Bar Association.
  • 1995 - CourseofUrbanRents. Barcelona Bar Association.
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