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AI, Machine Learning & Big Data" (Global Legal Insights)

Our partner Sönke Lund, head of our Intellectual Property and Information Technologies department, has written the chapter dedicated to the situation (and future) in Spain of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data. - Sönke Lund

Frankly, Spain faces a serious delay in relation to artificial intelligence and robotics, technologies which need urgent development in Spain. Such development needs adaptation in basically two fields: financing and legislation. Between 2009 and 2015, the investment destined to R&D&I was reduced by half in Spain, to the extent that Spain in innovation rankings was placed alongside countries like Croatia, Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Lithuania, Estonia, Portugal and the Czech Republic, with only one group below that, which included Bulgaria and Romania. In the ranking, Spain places 17th out of 28, well below its economic weight. According to the EU Commission, between 2010 and 2016, performance has even worsened, hampered by a lack of funding and public support, low SME contribution, low entrepreneurship, lack of venture capital funds to invest, no private funding for public projects, or few large foreign-controlled companies, among others. While other countries designate relevant funds for research on artificial intelligence, the Spanish government is still studying how to address this problem. As for legislation, even being within the legal framework of the European Union, where studies for new positions have been ongoing since the beginning of 2017, Spain is far behind, as these initiatives are basic and influential in terms of financing. (...)

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